The Disaster That Is British Telecom

This website has been created to publicly shame BT by sharing my sad but despicable story with as many people as possible in the hope that we (myself and my amazingly loyal staff) can raise enough money to take BT to court and finally seek justice for the appalling and downright deceitful treatment I have had to endure. To make life easier for the reader I have dealt with all of our issues separately; billing, technical and customer complaints which can all be read individually on the relevant pages.

I’m quite well aware that my story is by no means unique, BT have managed to enrage literally thousands of their loyal customers all over the country for many years, leaving them bitter, out of pocket, out of business or just downtrodden with the constant uphill struggle they face when trying to complain about any aspect of BT’s service. Sadly BT continue to do so even as we speak without any letup visible in the near future. I’m hoping that my story will incite each and every one of you to play a vital part in finally bringing this incompetent company to answer for their cowardly behaviour. Please read this introduction and the relevant pages in full – it will enlighten you if you haven’t yet had the misfortune to deal with all aspects of my complaint.

I started my engineering business in 1979. Since having a fibre optic line and Mitel internet SIP phone system installed by British Telecom in 2014, I face a very real risk of losing the business which I have been building for nearly forty years. I have suffered a series of financial and technical disasters at the hands of British Telecom since the new system was installed at a cost of over £15,000 and I have never received one word of apology from BT, instead I have been treated with disdain – me, one of the many customers who help to line their pockets to the tune of over £8m per day! It took BT over fifteen months to get my Mitel phones ‘working’ though I use this term loosely, yet even today the system continues to fail and I have reached the end of my tether with the injustice of it all.

I have tried every means possible in an effort to reconcile my problems with BT without any success – after two years of ongoing problems I even wrote to Sir Michael Rake the Chairman of BT, Gavin Patterson the CEO of BT and Simon Lowth the Group Finance Director of BT hoping they would offer some sort of help – but received no response whatsoever from any of them, thank you all for ignoring my letter gentlemen!

I have discovered that BT use a variety of methods to undermine their customers; from blaming you for the fault, issuing false or duplicated bills, repeatedly overcharging you, making it impossible for you to escalate a complaint, being unable to fix your problem then ignoring you – or in my case leaving me in the hands of a variety of staff who have absolutely no authority or expertise to adequately deal with my numerous issues. Every department within BT leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth since none of them were able to display a level of expertise that came anywhere close to what was required, they are put in place to wear you down until you finally give up.

It appears that BT love taking your hard earned money yet when things go wrong (as they often do!) they are adept at fobbing you off with every excuse they can find – and if you continue to argue with them and refuse to pay IN FULL for their faulty system, they disconnect you! Whether you’re a business user or a householder, you need your phone to work and BT know this, so if you continue to dispute your bill and refuse to pay, even though you know they’re in the wrong, they’ll disconnect you – end of! They’ve got us all over a barrel on this I’m afraid.

During the last two years I have dealt with many of BT complaints department staff many of whom have had the very grand title of “CEO and Chairman of Business Complaints”. I’ve actually lost count of the number of different CEO and Chairman of Business Complaints people I’ve had to deal with – yet their title is nothing but a deliberate act of misrepresentation on BT’s part to dupe the customer into thinking they are being dealt with by a senior member of BT’s staff. I’m sorry to say that these ‘CEO’s’ are no better at dealing with your complaints than the call operators, your complaint will not have been escalated at all.

We are all living and working in difficult economic times where every sale is extremely important for any business to thrive – if the phones fail then we lose valuable sales every single day. This has been ongoing for me since June 2014 when the fibre optic line was first installed by BT, I am now reaching the point where I am try to bring BT to justice.

Unfortunately due to the loss sustained in my companies, I am unable to afford the crippling legal fees required to take BT to court and I am hoping after reading the full scale of the incompetence we’ve had to endure, you’ll be inspired to donate a small sum and have the satisfaction of knowing you have helped to bring BT to justice. We will use this website to update the progress of any court action we manage to bring against BT.

We are all BT’s customers, the very people who help to line their pockets with over £8 million of profit – every day, yet we are treated with absolute disdain and downright deceit. If you have had the misfortune to suffer at the hands of BT then please read our full story and please donate whatever you can afford, no matter how small – it will be greatly appreciated and put to extremely good use.

With your help we will be able to take British Telecom plc to court to answer for the damage they have done. We will be able to call a list of witnesses from Accounts department, Engineering departments and Customer Complaints to explain how this situation can ever happen in a major plc.

It will be worth all the time and effort to see their Chairman, CEO and accounts director try to explain all that has happened over the last two and a half years.

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